PUSH FOLDArtistic Director | Samuel Hobbs | Portland, Oregon USA
push/FOLD's managing director Holly Shaw flexes her muscles in a long lunge at a Mexico City park carrying many bags | Photography: Jingzi Zhao

Holly Shaw

Managing Director, Performer

Holly Shaw is a Portland-based dance artist, arts administrator, and movement specialist. She is also a founding member of push/FOLD. Certified in Business of Social Innovation and completing the Regional Arts and Culture Council’s Art of Leadership program, Holly is a vital part of the push/FOLD family, providing her skills in arts administration, events coordination, and donor relations as push/FOLD’s Managing Director.

Holly began dancing at the age of seven in Sutter Creek, California, training primarily in Ballet through high school and into college. In college, at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Holly’s professional career began, performing as a guest artist with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Holly graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Ballet with emphasis in Performance and Teaching, later moving to Portland in 2010. In Portland, Holly’s career continued with BodyVox, Éowyn Emerald & Dancers, and skinner|kirk DANCE ENSEMBLE, performing nationally and internationally for five seasons. While at BodyVox, Holly worked as an integral part of BodyVox’s development team.

In 2014, Holly combined her career as a professional dancer with teaching, becoming an Instructor and Instructor Trainer in STOTT PILATES®. In 2016, Holly launched her company Elevated Movement™, specializing in training athletes, dancers, older adults and clients with all body types and ability levels. Through Elevated Movement, Holly also provides onsite movement-based programs for assisted living facilities.

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Samuel Hobbs

Artistic Director, Composer‑Choreographer

Holly Shaw

Managing Director, Performer

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Rehearsal Director, Performer

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Assoc. Artistic Production, Performer

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Jingzi Zhao | Managing Director: Holly Shaw
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