PUSH FOLDArtistic Director | Samuel Hobbs | Portland, Oregon USA
Union PDX - Festival:21 artist Evelyn Tejeda performs her work 'Impossible to Explain'. Photo depicts her seated in the center of a light circle with a contorted face | Photography: Jonathan Hsu


Festival of Contemporary Dance


Established in 2019, the Union PDX - Festival of Contemporary Dance was born with the mission of creating a platform for artists to achieve greater work, to decrease barriers to visibility and access for artists and audiences, and to encourage a diverse influence on Portland's dance community.  Providing a much-needed platform for supportive cross-pollination in the Pacific Northwest dance community, the Union PDX festival breaks down visibility barriers for boundary-pushing dance artists and offers important artistic and administrative resources through masterclasses and workshops.

“push/FOLD's festival drew national and international contemporary-dance ideas from Brooklyn to New Jersey to Portland to L.A. to the Dominican Republic and Taiwan… If there’s one thing Festival:21 wasn’t short on, it’s talent… In all, the festival performance was a success... As push/FOLD and the festival collaborators continue to make a name for themselves, Union PDX is beginning to fit into the annual autumnal patchwork of the city.”

Elizabeth Whelan - Oregon ArtsWatch

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Hampton Opera Center & Livestream
Panel curation: In-Process

Performances (In-Person & Livestream)

  • Student Performance (November 17)
  • Public Performances (November 18 - 20)

* Facilitated artist-talks and Q&A follow each performance. *

Festival Artists

Thank you to all of the festival artists who applied! This year we have received applications from artists representing over 20 movement genres from 21 different countries.

Our curatorial team is actively reviewing submissions. Notifications for acceptance will begin in July 2022.

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To learn more about Festival:22 and the curation process: Click Here

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Hampton Opera Center & Livestream

Performances (In-Person & Livestream)

  • Student Performance (November 4)
  • Public Performances (November 5 - 7)

* Facilitated artist-talks and Q&A follow each performance. *

Festival Artists

  • Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater (Portland, OR)
  • Rebecca Margolick (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Evelyn Tejeda (Dominican Republic & Peterson, NJ)
  • Tom Tsai (Los Angeles, CA)
  • push/FOLD (Portland, OR)


  • Sweep Techniques | Tom Tsai Breakdance & Floorwork
  • Urban Contemporary | Evelyn Tejeda Contemporary Street
  • Kinetic Listening | Rebecca Margolick Contemporary, Improvisation
  • Visceral Movement Theory™—Flow & Power | Samuel Hobbs Athletic Movement & Partnering
  • Entering the Cosmogram | Oluyinka Akinjiola Afro-Contemporary, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian


  • Deciphering Grant Writing Instructors: Ahsante Sankofa Foree & Samuel Hobbs
  • Cultivating Leadership An Introduction to Agile and Balanced Team and Project Management Instructors: Hailey Bill & Emily Rizzo, PHR

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Polaris Dance Center & Livestream

Artists-in-Person Live-Streamed Panel Discussion

November 14

Six Oregon Artists join artistic director Samuel Hobbs as they discuss their artistic practices and influences; the importance of Art during times of adversity, protest, and quarantine; next steps for Portland dance; and the resiliency of Dance as Art presently within Portland.

Festival Artists (Oregon)

  • Oluyinka Akinjiola Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater
  • Mr. Bobby Fouther Bigfoot Dance Co.
  • Samuel Hobbs push/FOLD & Union PDX
  • Conrad "Icon Sleepy Tut" Kaczor Independent Artist
  • Andrea Parson Independent Artist
  • Sweta Ravisankar Independent Artist


November 14 & 15
  • Visceral Movement Theory™—Movement & Power | Samuel Hobbs Athletic Contemporary
  • Chakras and Orishas | Oluyinka Akinjiola Afro-Contemporary, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian
  • Hip Hop Contemporary Fusion | Barbara Lima Hip Hop, Krump, Contemporary
  • Contemporary Forms | Andrea Parson Improvisation and Composition
  • Tutting in Every Dimension | Conrad "Icon Sleepy Tut" Kaczor Popping, Tutting
  • The Hidden Rhythms | Sweta Ravisankar Bharatanatyam

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Hampton Opera Center


  • Student Performance (September 25)
  • Public Performances (September 26 - 29)

* Facilitated artist-talks and Q&A follow each performance. *

Inaugural Festival Artists

  • Carlyn Hudson (Independent Artist)
  • Amy Leona Havin (The Holding Project)
  • Samuel Hobbs (push/FOLD)


  • Contemporary Ballet | Carlyn Hudson Contemporary Ballet
  • Visceral Movement Theory™ | Samuel Hobbs Contemporary Movement & Partnering
  • Movement Research | Amy Leona Havin Contemporary Improv

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Jonathan Hsu | 2021 Union PDX Festival Artist: Evelyn Tejeda
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