PUSH FOLDArtistic Director | Samuel Hobbs | Portland, Oregon USA
Union PDX - Festival:21 artist Evelyn Tejeda performs her work 'Impossible to Explain'. Photo depicts her seated in the center of a light circle with a contorted face | Photography: Jonathan Hsu


Festival of Contemporary Dance


Established in 2019, the Union PDX - Festival of Contemporary Dance was born with the mission of creating a platform for artists to achieve greater work, to decrease barriers to visibility and access for artists and audiences, and to encourage a diverse influence on Portland's dance community.  Providing a much-needed platform for supportive cross-pollination in the Pacific Northwest dance community, the Union PDX festival breaks down visibility barriers for boundary-pushing dance artists and offers important artistic and administrative resources through masterclasses and workshops.

“push/FOLD's festival drew national and international contemporary-dance ideas from Brooklyn to New Jersey to Portland to L.A. to the Dominican Republic and Taiwan… If there’s one thing Festival:21 wasn’t short on, it’s talent… In all, the festival performance was a success... As push/FOLD and the festival collaborators continue to make a name for themselves, Union PDX is beginning to fit into the annual autumnal patchwork of the city.”

Elizabeth Whelan - Oregon ArtsWatch

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Hampton Opera Center & Livestream
Festival:22 Applications Now Open: Apply Here

Performances (In-Person & Livestream)

  • Student Performance (November 17)
  • Public Performances (November 18 - 20)

* Facilitated artist-talks and Q&A follow each performance. *

Festival Artists

Festival:22 artist applications are now open for dance-makers and companies worldwide making contemporary work in any dance genre or tradition.

To apply and learn more about eligibility requirements, compensation, important dates, and the curation process: Click Here.

** Application Deadline: May 25th, 2022 @ 11:59pm PST **

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Hampton Opera Center & Livestream

Performances (In-Person & Livestream)

  • Student Performance (November 4)
  • Public Performances (November 5 - 7)

* Facilitated artist-talks and Q&A follow each performance. *

Festival Artists

  • Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater (Portland, OR)
  • Rebecca Margolick (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Evelyn Tejeda (Dominican Republic & Peterson, NJ)
  • Tom Tsai (Los Angeles, CA)
  • push/FOLD (Portland, OR)


  • Sweep Techniques | Tom Tsai Breakdance & Floorwork
  • Urban Contemporary | Evelyn Tejeda Contemporary Street
  • Kinetic Listening | Rebecca Margolick Contemporary, Improvisation
  • Visceral Movement Theory™—Flow & Power | Samuel Hobbs Athletic Movement & Partnering
  • Entering the Cosmogram | Oluyinka Akinjiola Afro-Contemporary, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian


  • Deciphering Grant Writing Instructors: Ahsante Sankofa Foree & Samuel Hobbs
  • Cultivating Leadership An Introduction to Agile and Balanced Team and Project Management Instructors: Hailey Bill & Emily Rizzo, PHR

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Polaris Dance Center & Livestream

Artists-in-Person Live-Streamed Panel Discussion

November 14

Six Oregon Artists join artistic director Samuel Hobbs as they discuss their artistic practices and influences; the importance of Art during times of adversity, protest, and quarantine; next steps for Portland dance; and the resiliency of Dance as Art presently within Portland.

Festival Artists (Oregon)

  • Oluyinka Akinjiola Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater
  • Mr. Bobby Fouther Bigfoot Dance Co.
  • Samuel Hobbs push/FOLD & Union PDX
  • Conrad "Icon Sleepy Tut" Kaczor Independent Artist
  • Andrea Parson Independent Artist
  • Sweta Ravisankar Independent Artist


November 14 & 15
  • Visceral Movement Theory™—Movement & Power | Samuel Hobbs Athletic Contemporary
  • Chakras and Orishas | Oluyinka Akinjiola Afro-Contemporary, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian
  • Hip Hop Contemporary Fusion | Barbara Lima Hip Hop, Krump, Contemporary
  • Contemporary Forms | Andrea Parson Improvisation and Composition
  • Tutting in Every Dimension | Conrad "Icon Sleepy Tut" Kaczor Popping, Tutting
  • The Hidden Rhythms | Sweta Ravisankar Bharatanatyam

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Hampton Opera Center


  • Student Performance (September 25)
  • Public Performances (September 26 - 29)

* Facilitated artist-talks and Q&A follow each performance. *

Inaugural Festival Artists

  • Carlyn Hudson (Independent Artist)
  • Amy Leona Havin (The Holding Project)
  • Samuel Hobbs (push/FOLD)


  • Contemporary Ballet | Carlyn Hudson Contemporary Ballet
  • Visceral Movement Theory™ | Samuel Hobbs Contemporary Movement & Partnering
  • Movement Research | Amy Leona Havin Contemporary Improv

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Jonathan Hsu | 2021 Union PDX Festival Artist: Evelyn Tejeda
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