PUSH FOLDArtistic Director | Samuel Hobbs | Portland, Oregon USA
push/FOLD dancers Liane Burns, Briley Jozwiak, Ashley Morton, and Holly Shaw lean out in athletic dark blue leotards for 'Ash' at Cobalt Studios in Portland, Oregon | Photography: Jingzi Zhao


Power & Movement

push/FOLD is the vision of the multi-disciplinary artist and composer-choreographer Samuel Hobbs created as a platform for arts advocacy and to promote Art, Health, and Movement education throughout our community (local and abroad).

Based on Samuel's experiences as a mixed-Latinx, non-binary, and trans-queer artist, abstract storytelling, community, power, and identity center push/FOLD's body of work and programming. Set to original sound, set, prop, and lighting design of Samuel's own, the immersive athleticism of push/FOLD's productions range from full evening-length performances to an eclectic range of shorter works, pop-up performances, installations, virtual and dance-for-film creations, and our Union PDX - Festival of Contemporary Dance. Moods, themes, and musical and movement inspirations change with each new choreographic creation as a method to drive further into performance artistry.

push/FOLD is a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit arts organization based in Portland, Oregon.

push/FOLD is a member of:

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Samuel Hobbs

Artistic Director, Composer‑Choreographer

Holly Shaw

Managing Director, Performer

Ashley Morton

Company Jedi, Performer

Briley Jozwiak

Engagements Manager, Performer

Molly Rea



Board Members

  • Hailey Bill

    Fisher Investments
  • Samuel Hobbs

    Follow My Thoughts LLC, Movement Bodywork®
  • Holly Shaw

    Elevated Movement LLC

Board Council

  • James T. Dunn

    The Barnett Firm LLC, Rotary Club, PHAME
  • George Thorn

    Arts Action Research
Jingzi Zhao | Dancers: Liane Burns, Briley Jozwiak, Ashley Morton, Holly Shaw
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