PUSH FOLDArtistic Director | Samuel Hobbs | Portland, Oregon USA
push/FOLD dancers Briley Jozwiak and Ashley Morton perform 'Wolf' at the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland, Oregon. Photo depicts both dancers in white knit shirts in angular and gestural postures | Photography: Samuel Hobbs & Holly Shaw


Composer‑Choreographer: Samuel Hobbs

2019 - Portland, Oregon USA

‘Wolf’, set to heart-sunk vocals in a visceral expression of loneliness and perseverance, is a solo paritied as a duet. It is a meditative experience about finding personal tranquility and power performed in pure unison with line-driven athleticism accented with slow sweeping movements, angular articulations, isolations, and mesmerizing turns.


Approx. 16 minutes

Look & Feel

Line-driven Duet, Articulate, Mesmerizing, Unison

Movement Style

Contemporary Ballet

Music Style



White long-sleeved turtle-necked shirt and black bottoms


Proscenium Theatre, Black-box, Installation/Site-specific

Samuel Hobbs & Holly Shaw | Dancers: Ashley Morton & Briley Jozwiak | 'Wolf'
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