PUSH FOLDArtistic Director | Samuel Hobbs | Portland, Oregon USA
Artistic Director Samuel Hobbs performing at Union PDX - Festival:22 at the Hampton Opera Center in Portland, Oregon | Photography: Holly Shaw


Composer‑Choreographer: Samuel Hobbs

2022 - Portland, Oregon USA

Inspired by the halo of light from a full moon reflecting in the lenses of our eyes, ‘Moon’ is athletic and gentle quartet, seamlessly interweaving elements of breakdance and floor work with contemporary partnering and movement. It is a reflective look at the symbolism of nature, cycle, and the emergence of self.


16 minutes

Look & Feel

Meditative, Pensive

Movement Style

Floorwork, Post-Contemporary Movement & Partnering

Music Style

Synthetic instruments, Vocals


Knit sweaters and canvas pants


Proscenium Theatre, Black-box

Holly Shaw | Dancer: Samuel Hobbs | 'Moon'
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