PUSH FOLDArtistic Director | Samuel Hobbs | Portland, Oregon USA
push/FOLD dancer Briley Jozwiak standing in fog at the AWOL Warehouse in Portland, Oregon | Photographer: Eric Valentine

Dark Wings

Composer‑Choreographer: Samuel Hobbs

2020 - Portland, Oregon USA

'Dark Wings' is a comedic-noir work depicting the story of an isolated creature that transcends its life, guided and carried away by three playful spirits. Moving within 70’s era chic, highlighting the playful nature of ‘Dark Wings’, the arc of this work center concepts of death and rebirth, and a celebration of life and grief. The central prop—an oversized heart attached magnetically to the soloist becomes a vehicle for the absurdity of life.

Created by Composer-Choreographer Samuel Hobbs, 'Dark Wings' fuses elements of contemporary movement and partnering, ballet, and jazz, integrated by Samuel’s unique movement language—Visceral Movement Theory™. Effortlessly juxtaposing athletic and fast-paced percussive and syncopated ensemble movement and solos, the musical score for 'Dark Wings' plays with a unique combination of shuffle beats, orchestral horns, maniacal laughing, and a secret monologue of love and acceptance in a fabricated language.


Approx. 22 minutes

Look & Feel

Family Friendly, Comedic-Noir, Solos & Ensemble

Movement Style

Upbeat Jazz, Contemporary Movement & Partnering

Music Style

Orchestral, Percussion, Electronica, Spoken Fabricated Language


Seventies-era chic


Proscenium Theatre, Black-box, Installation/Site-specific

Eric Valentine | Dancer: Briley Jozwiak | 'Dark Wings'
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