PUSH FOLDArtistic Director | Samuel Hobbs | Portland, Oregon USA
push/FOLD dancers performing 'Crow' at Ten Tiny Dances in Beaverton, Oregon | Photographer: David Nquyen


Composer‑Choreographer: Samuel Hobbs

2015 - Beaverton, Oregon USA

Originally performed as a part of Ten Tiny Dances, 'Crow' depicts the warning from a crow contemplating the state of our world. Symbolizing life in many First Nations mythology, marked by their intelligence, and nature of gift giving (the original gift from Rainbow Crow—providing fire), instead gifted a grave declaration that we have killed our Earth.

Performed on and around a 4x4 stage, the performers climb, move, and drip off the edge of the platform. This work explores the reactions of our species in relationship to the space we inhabit in a hopeful message of struggle, determination, and action to correct our relationship with Mother Earth.


Approx. 12 minutes

Look & Feel


Movement Style

Contemporary partnering and suspension, with slow and fluid movement

Music Style



Pedestrian clothing of linen and jeans



David Nguyen | Dancers: Jessica Evans, Samuel Hobbs, Briley Jozwiak, Holly Shaw | 'Crow'
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