PUSH FOLDArtistic Director | Samuel Hobbs | Portland, Oregon USA
push/FOLD dancer Ashley Morton performing at Union PDX - Festival:19 at the Hampton Opera Center in Portland, Oregon | Photographer: Jingzi Zhao


Composer‑Choreographer: Samuel Hobbs

2019 - Portland, Oregon USA

Inspired by a poem of a woman who lept into the sea and was consumed by seafoam, written by Composer-Choreographer Samuel Hobbs, Ash contemplates the experience of deep solitude and grief in a moving experience of resilience.

Featuring an epic soundscape of synthetic instruments, driving percussion, and prayer-like vocals that envelop the audience, Ash moves between "a haunting slowness [and] an agile athleticism" (Elizabeth Whelan, Oregon ArtsWatch). Fluidly transitioning between sylphic-like solos, duets, and pure athletic movement, Ash highlights the expressive precision of Samuel's post-classical technique, Visceral Movement Theory™.


36 minutes

Look & Feel

Contemplative, Immersive, Athletic, Tranquil

Movement Style

Post-contemporary Ballet

Music Style

Synthetic Instrumentals, Vocals, Percussion


Open back dark-colored leotards


Proscenium Theatre, Black-box

Jingzi Zhao | Dancer: Ashley Morton | 'Ash'
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